Board of Directors

President – Maureen Gagliardi
After a 25+ year career with the U.S.Army and Minnesota Army National Guard, Maureen ("Moe") Gagliardi moved to Tucson.  She worked for a real estate attorney for 13 years and retired in 2014.  Since 2013, she's been both a Guardian and Team Leader on at least 10 flights to our Nation's Capitol.
Vice President - Emerson Knowles
Secretary -
Treasurer – Thomas W. Jones, CPA
Thomas W. Jones is a Certified Public Accountant with 43 years of experience in accounting. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in business administration and a major in accounting. He worked in the Tucson office of an international accounting firm for eight years and since then has been President of his own firm, Stevenson, Jones & Holmaas, P.C.

New Board Members - 2016
Al Young
Dee Brunner
Joe Schwab (WWII Veteran)

Past Board Members
Sally Hard
Barbara Brownlie - Co-Founder
Bart Ladd - Co-Founder
Dave Sitton
Debbie Rich
Aram Serverian (WWII)
Ann Serverian
Sue Krahe-Archibald
George McGee (WWII)
Suzanne Galen
Vicki Smith

NON-Board positions

Hub Coordinator - Richard Robbins

Veteran Coordinators - Karen Baker & Nancy Lammers

Guardian Coordinator - Mary Mueller

Volunteer Coordinator - Dominic Quihuis