DSC00997"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world"
 -  Anne Frank


Honor Flight Southern Arizona is run entirely by volunteers – there are no paid members on our staff. It takes an amazing amount of man-hours to accomplish getting our vets to see their memorial. We need skilled volunteers to keep and maintain database records, call veterans and volunteers, publish our newsletters, maintain this website, and get all of our honor flight community to the airport on fly days to cheer our vets. If you are willing, we have many ways that you can help our organization including, but not limited to:

  • Fundraising and fundraising events
  • Outreach events (Trade shows, and Information booths)
  • Media communications and TV spots
  • Newsletters
  • Website maintenance
  • Graphic design (flyers, promotional items)
  • Special events (Golf Tournaments, Parades)
  • Airport "send-off" and "welcome home" participation
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Clerical and administrative tasks (Computer data and phone calling)
  • Writing articles for newspapers and magazines.DSC00166

If you would become a volunteer, please fill out the electronic application form below or download Volunteer APP - Jan 2013 and mail it to:

Honor Flight Southern Arizona
PO Box 32649

Tucson, AZ 85751
Attn: Volunteer Application

You may also email your application or your questions to volunteer@honorflightsaz.org

Personal Information



If a veteran, please indicate BRANCH of service, WHEN and WHERE you served:

Volunteering Information

How did you hear about Honor Flight Arizona?

Why are you volunteering for Honor Flight Arizona?

Please list any previous volunteer experience:

There are several volunteer opportunities. Please indicate all areas of interest to you.


  • Record keeping
  • Staffing events
  • Phone calls


  • Special events (golf tournaments, parades, etc.)
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Speakers bureau
  • TV & media appearances


  • Graphic design
  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Write articles
  • Photo journalism


  • Send off and returns at TIA
  • Calling reminders
Personal References

Please list 2 personal references.



City, State, Zip

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Please Review Carefully
By submitting this application, I acknowledge and agree that:

  1. As photographic and video equipment are frequently used to memorialize and document Honor Flight Southern Arizona or Honor Flight Tucson trips and events, his/her image may appear in a public forum, such as the media or a website, to acknowledge, and promote the work of the program. I hereby release the photographer and Honor Flight Southern Arizona or Honor Flight Tucson from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. I hereby give permission for my images captured during activities through video, photo, or other media, to be used solely for the purposes of Honor Flight Southern Arizona or Honor Flight Tucson promotional material and publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.
  2. I further state that I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Honor Flight Southern Arizona or Honor Flight Tucson, its agents and Board of Directors, from any and all liability arising out of or in consequence of, or injury sustained as a result of, any activity connected with myself or my child (ren) volunteering for Honor Flight Southern Arizona or Honor Flight Tucson.