How to become a Guardian

If you would like to become a Guardian, please use this link to view the Guardian Application Form.

"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, it is the urge to serve others, at what ever cost". - Arthur Ashe

Guardians play a significant role to ensure that every veteran has a safe and memorable experience.

From the moment the veterans arrive at the airport until we return them to their loved ones, guardians are asked to treat these heroes as if they were family and ensure every guardian has a safe and honoring experience.

The primary responsibility of a guardian is the physical safety and security of one or more veterans – helping them up and down steps off buses, wheeling them up and down ramps in wheelchairs, and physically handling equipment and baggage. This is a physical, working trip for all guardians.

Guardian seats are limited. The usual ratio of veterans to guardians is 2:1 dependent upon the needs of the veterans. You may be assigned to look after more than one veteran.

Please note the following:

  • Guardians must be able-bodied and are expected to attend a training session if selected and prior to participation in a flight.
  • Guardians will be interviewed regarding their health status and physical abilities.
  • Spouses may NOT serve as guardians.
  • Guardian applications must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to flight. If you are requesting to accompany a family member, please submit your application at the same time as your veteran’s application.

Guardians pay for their own trip and will be on the same flight as the veteran. The cost per guardian has presently been set at $1200.00 and covers the expenses for your entire trip including airfare, lodging, meals, tips, and local transportation. (Cost is subject to change, please check with Honor Flight Southern Arizona for latest prices).

Guardians at work

Guardians play a significant role to ensure that every veteran has a safe and memorable experience.

Guardian Application

If you would like to become a guardian on an Honor Flight" with us, please fill out the application online form online or download the form and send it back via email/mail. See details on the form.

You may contact us by calling (520) 204-1391 or email us at our general email box: We will be happy to explain more about the application process.